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White Rabbit Japan is working to elevate ecommerce between Japan and the world.

From Indie Publisher to Ecommerce Service Provider

White Rabbit Press has come a long way since its start, diversifying from a small indie publisher of Japanese language products to an ecommerce service provider. We are a proxy buying service, a package forwarding company, and an online shop. But mostly, we’re a group of passionate people working to build great products and do great things with intense customer focus.

Book One: White Rabbit Press

Max Hodges and Tomoko Okazaki founded White Rabbit Press to create better flashcards for learning Japanese kanji. Our line of Japanese Kanji flashcards became an instant hit, quickly becoming a top seller on Amazon and in bookstores worldwide. White Rabbit Press soon expanded its product line to include posters and digital products, and became a significant exporter of Japanese language learning materials from Japan.

Pioneers of Proxy Buying from Japan

Some of our language product customers began asking if we could help them buy other items from Japan, such as magazines, CDs and DVDs, and beverages. We launched White Rabbit Express, a proxy buying service, to meet the growing demand.

Despite some difficulties in finding a suitable business model and keeping up with the rapidly expanding operations, we eventually hit our stride and have been experiencing exponential growth ever since. White Rabbit Express has made a name for itself as an industry pioneer, serving thousands of customers from around the world every month.

In 2022, White Rabbit Express rebranded as Japan Rabbit. Global ecommerce from Japan is accelerating, and the new brand and evolving positioning perfectly illustrate our growing ambition in the market.

The Blackship Spirit: From Edo Bay to Global Trade

In 1853, Commodore Perry's "black ships" arrived in Edo Bay (later Tokyo Bay) to encourage Japan to open trade with the West. Nearly two centuries later, many Japanese companies are still hesitant to engage with the global marketplace.

In 2016, we launched Blackship—poetically located a short distance from the same habor where Perry's black ships first landed—to help Japan engage with the global market (whether they like it or not.)

Blackship's mission is to make shipping from Japan more accessible and affordable. We have become a trusted and reliable partner for thousands of individuals and businesses, offering a low-cost, do-it-yourself approach with an industry-leading reputation.

Innovating the Future of Ecommerce in Japan

White Rabbit Japan's mission is to improve ecommerce between Japanese sellers and overseas buyers. We're a profitable, bootstrapped, fast-growing company, and we're currently hiring for several positions. Join us in our ambitious growth plans.